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  • Full Cassette Awning

    With a full cassette awning, your property gains a solution that perfectly combines functionality and flexibility, making it an ideal addition to any building that is exposed to varied weather conditions. Capable of providing effective protection against both sunlight and rain, it comes with a motio

  • Pergola

    Are you looking for a welcoming lounge to relax in with friends and family, a sheltered playroom for the kids or a cozy place to relax whatever season? Wish Outdoor Aluminum Pergola lets you have an extra living space outdoors. These modern pergolas are adapted to your lifestyle so that you can enjo

  • Sunroom

    Sunroom, filled with sunlight and cozy patio furniture, are the ideal spot to unwind with a beverage and a good book. These transitional spaces connect your home with the outdoors while protecting you from the elements, allowing you to enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor living at the same time. If

  • Retractable Roof

    The user has complete flexibility over opening and closing the roof, as it’s operated with just a touch of a button. Because Wish retractable roof is made of 100% waterproof fabric that’s easy to clean, it’s low maintenance as well. To put it simply, it’s the ultimate way to create an outdoor room i


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